Tuesday, February 10, 2009

About The Book. . .

Thank you for visiting the making of the book, "Giallo is the Color of Death."

If you have found your way here because you're passionate about cinema and not by accident as you googled for, oh, let's say, Italian-made yellow granite tiles, then I can safely assume you've at least heard of the Italian '60s/'70s slasher-cum-murder mystery film subgenre known as the giallo. If you have landed here accidentally, however, and can't even pronounce the word "giallo," much less wrap your head around the above description, well, then, stick around and learn something new, especially if you like movies. What. . .you don't like movies? Learn about one of the most exciting, obscure, psychedelic, pop-art, horrific, brilliant, sublime, outrageous, entertaining, bizarre, insane, and influential film subgenres ever put on celluloid.
As time permits, I will post a new entry that will be an excerpt of from the upcoming book.
If you're curious and want to read some more of my writing, please check out my column as the LA Alternative Film Examiner at Examiner.com and see who else I've been interviewing and what movies I've been writing about! ;)


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